Where is Ecurious available?

We are rolling our service out in Germany at the moment. In 2024 we will be expanding into Switzerland and other neighboring countries.

What is so special about Ecurious?

We combined the entire charging market into one app and one card. With Ecurious you will always charge for the best possible price, simply magic.

When will I get billed from Ecurious?

In Germany, you will receive a bill monthly. In the app, you will have an overview of your costs.

When will Ecurious be available?

The first batch of customers are already using Ecurious. From 2024 we will be available for the general public.

How much does Ecurious cost?

We don’t charge any fee for the app or the card. We want to give you the best and smoothest charging experience and save real money in the process.

Where can I get Ecurious?

You can download the app from the App Store or PlayStore and order the card through the app or you can contact one of our strategic partner and get the Ecurious card from them.

How does Ecurious work?

Easy as using your credit card. Download the Ecurious app, register, and order your Ecurious card. Or get the card from one of our strategic partners, download the app, and start charging.